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Finding a Really Great Marketing Company

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For every bad marketer, there is also a good one. The good ones don’t advertise as heavily, because quite frankly, they don’t need to. Word of mouth and referrals drive the business, so don’t be afraid to ask around.

Much like the mechanic that never fixes his own car, don’t dismiss a marketing company because it doesn’t have a flashy website. Instead, ask for references, links to client pages and a detailing of the work they will perform. Be specific. Ask if they use paid traffic services. Ask how they do keyword research. Read the content on the reference pages they have supplied.

Be Careful What You Wish For

As in any endeavour, view all promises with a healthy dose of skepticism. By the same token, keep expectations realistic. I’ve known too many people who’ve been duped by underhanded marketers, simply because legitimate marketing companies could not meet their demands.

Never demand that you must have the number one search engine ranking. Never act like you’re doing the company a favour by bringing them business. Never act like seo marketing is easy, painless and really no big deal. Never set unreasonable targets and deadlines. Never try to dangle the carrot on the stick.


You will offend the legitimate marketers, and they will turn down your business. Honest and trustworthy marketing companies put effort and time into the jobs they do, and should be treated with respect. When you hire a professional, treat them with professionalism.

Legitimate marketing companies will have a strategy, timeline and will work with you for the overall goals of your website. They will discuss different elements of your website, offer suggestions to improve the quality and possibly the design. They will help you market your business itself, not just the website.

Marketing your business is the key that separates the good from the bad. The fact is, being at the height of search rankings doesn’t guarantee sales increases. The value of a company is based on how much revenue it can generate, not how well it ranks in search engines.

A good marketing company will improve ranking, but it will also improve the customer experience and sales conversion. Social media presence, interactive contests, newsletters and other engaging activities are a large part of promoting your business and improving your profits. Marketing is not about Google, it’s about making money.

What it comes down to is this: if your marketing efforts haven’t improved your bottom line, then it’s time to look for a better marketing and seo company. Results matter.


How to Humanize Client Relationships for Long Term Business

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The world has become adrift in tweets, texts and status updates.  Clearly, the days of making a deal on a handshake have gone the way of the blue suede shoe.

While some aspects of business have changed, building solid and trusting client relationships has not.  In fact, the companies who make it to the very top are the ones that hone these relationships, nurture their clients and keep the lines of communications open.

What is Communication?

Yes, you can text a message or send a short tweet, but true communication requires more care than that.  A client still needs to feel validated and humanized.  If your communication doesn’t support this, you are treating a valuable client like a number, rather than a person.

What happens when you don’t humanize your business?  You can’t sustain long term relationships.  If you don’t add some personal flair to your business, you will fall victim to price wars, competitors and clever marketing tactics.

Creating an Honest Connection

Loyalty is a human emotion.  A client who feels validated, cared for and respected will not be easily lulled away by a lower price or special offer.  In the brick and mortar world, it’s the personality of the service provider, the sense of integrity and conduct that establish a connection to the client.

In the online world, this is a little trickier to accomplish.  That does not mean impossible.

Put away the sales pitches.  Every post, newsletter or tweet doesn’t have to be about a product or service.  It doesn’t have to be all business all the time.  In fact, it shouldn’t be.

You are What You Tweet

Using social sites to keep a connection with your clients is a fabulous idea, but don’t make it all business.  Take a look at your own social connections and see which ones catch your attention.  Who do you follow just for enjoyment?

Adding clean but entertaining posts, pictures and quotes on a regular basis (at least once a day), adds a much needed human element to your business.  Not only that, but these are typically the types of posts that attract attention and get passed along.

Consider your social marketing strategy the way you would consider taking a client out for dinner.  It’s an opportunity to open up a little and get to know what makes your client tick, laugh or bellow.  Social marketing is the perfect format to discover those personality traits.

Social is a Two-Way Street

Don’t forget to respond, follow and friend.  Building a relationship means you are taking the client into your business, listening and acknowledging.  No client relationship is solidified by blindly sending out posts.  You must also pay close attention to like, retweet or comment on interesting posts from your client.

You would never have a phone call or live conversation that didn’t allow the client to interject or comment.  Your online relationships should carry the same sense of respect.  Give a little of your time getting to know your client, and your client will give a little loyalty back to you.


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March 6, 2012 at 1:06 am

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