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Why Company Bios are a Must

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Do you have a bio on your webpage? Most businesses have a page that explains the company history, or the standard “about us” page, yet they fail to include a biography.

A bio is an essential element to add prestige and professionalism to your business. Unlike the other pages on your site, a bio’s explicit function is to showcase your experience and accolades. It’s similar to a resume in the sense that it highlights all your company’s best features.

You may add several biographies to your website. Fortune 500 companies always post bios for top executives and key team members. Just because your business is a little smaller, doesn’t mean you should forgo this feature.

If you are the sole operator and employee of your business, a personal biography can include professional as well as personal attributes. Include your working experience, the year you started your business, acquired education and a little personal insight. This might be volunteer work, family life or interesting hobbies.

If you have several key employees, a short biography on each of them to promote and support their role in the company will enhance their expertise and increase consumer confidence. This is particularly important if an employee has achieved a field designation, university degree or other credentials and experience that shows their qualifications.

Bios that Inspire Confidence

Some bios are strictly business. Others infuse a sense of personal connection with the audience. Still others emote a sense of passion for the company. Bios may include as many or as few personal nuances as you wish.

If you’re looking for inspiration to write a bio, start browsing the backs of book covers for the author bios. You can stroll through the home page of almost any national conglomerate, and find links to biographies of personnel.

Whether you create individual bios or one for the whole company, this is the area that inspires confidence and demonstrates your capabilities. Your bio is all about you, so don’t be afraid to let yourself shine.

Tips to Write a Bio

Professional bios are written about you, but not by you. Therefore make sure you are writing in third-person, rather than using I or we. Include important dates or milestones, such as the year of graduation, length of experience in a particular field, or the date your business was started.

A good bio also includes past experience. You’ll notice on most executive bios, past employers are included. “John Doe was the Human Resource Manager at ABC Enterprises for 7 years before joining XYZ Corporation in 2008”.

Keeping a chronology in your biography helps solidify your expertise. “After graduating in 1987, Sara started working overseas at Japanese 123 Inc. There she discovered her passion for teaching, and went on to become the ESL coordinator for global executives and their families.”

Your company biography is a tool that tells potential clients and customers why they should choose you and not your competitor. Neglecting this opportunity to showcase your talents is like going to a job interview and not stating why you’re qualified. Furthermore, a good biography helps define your business, giving you the professional edge to move to the top.


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